Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring party equipment for a birthday party, corporate function, fundraiser or other event requires detailed information to ensure that your day runs smoothly. If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to contact one of our Cho!ce Crew members, and they will answer any queries you may have about our party hire equipment.

1. How big are the inflatable party products?
The height of each inflatable party product varies depending on the unit but range between approximately 2 metres up to 6 metres for the larger units. If you are concerned please contact us to discuss dimensions of a particular party product you may be considering for hire.


2. What are the dimensions of the inflatable party products?
The smallest inflatable party unit we have is 4 x 4 metres, the sizes then vary from that up to 7 x 7 metres for the bouncy castles and vary again for the interactive specialist inflatables, please contact us to discuss dimensions for a unit you may be considering for hire.


3. What surfaces can the inflatable party products go on?
Most surfaces – concrete, grass, pavers, asphalt, dirt, bark gravel – please advise what surface you wish to set up on at time of booking.


4. How much flat area to do we require for the inflatable party products?
This depends on what size unit you are hiring but as a rule if you are hiring for example a 4 x 4 metre bouncer then allow perhaps 5 x 5 metres so you know you have ample room surround the unit. If unsure please check this when making your booking and we will be able to advise. Of course if your party venue is not completely flat you will need to advise this also to determine whether you site will be suitable.


5. How does the inflatable party product remain inflated for the duration of the hire?
All inflatable party equipment comes with an electric blower. The blower is connected to your power supply by one of our heavy duty extension leads. The electricity usage would be minimal.


The blower is also attached to a shute which attaches to the side of the inflatable allowing air to fill the unit. When the power is shut off the inflatable will deflate. If there is no power available within 20 metres to the set up site, a generator would be required. We can provide these at an additional cost.

6. Can the inflatable party product be near or touching a wall or tree?
If the inflatable party equipment is in direct contact with the likes of a tree, wall etc. it can suffer damage such as abrasion. When we deliver the inflatable we will place it so as to avoid contact with a damaging surface. Please ensure you have allowed enough space free from obstacles when making you booking. You will also need to ensure there are no overhanging power lines if hiring a unit which requires a lot of clearance for height.


7. How long does it take to set up the inflatable party product?

It depends on the size of the party equipment unit which is being hired – a bouncy castle can take around 15 minutes, larger inflatables can take longer – we usually like to allow between 15-30 minutes, occasionally longer if necessary. The actual inflation time of the unit once plugged into power is approximately one minute.

8. Is the set up time of the inflatable party product included in the hire time?
No, but it is allowed for. For example if you hire is for a half day – i.e. 12pm – 4pm then we will ensure the inflatable is ready to go by 12pm. What time it is delivered will depend on the delivery schedule for that particular day.


On very rare occasions the equipment may be ready a short time after you schedule start time. To assist us in helping to ensure this doesn’t happen please make sure things like clear access to set up site are ready, driveway is not blocked etc. so we are not held up time wise in this respect. Our delivery drivers run to a tight schedule and do not allow time for assisting with manoeuvring of obstacles and are not expected to do so.

9. How much space is required to get the inflatable party equipment to the set up site?
Please allow approximately 1 – 1.5 metres width for most inflatables. We will need to be advised in advance if you think there may be an issue with access. For example such things as: narrow gates and doorways, stairs etc. If we have to transport units up stairs or to hard to access sites you will need to provide assistance for this and it is your responsibility to check at time of booking that the unit you require will fit into the space you want it to.


10. How do we pay for our party equipment hire – is there a bond or deposit?

A deposit is required for all bookings, as a rule this is 50% of the total plus the delivery charge (depending on location of event).  This amount then comes off your hire total. The deposit can be paid via direct credit (internet banking) to our ASB bank account or by cash (if paying at our office).  Details of payment will be sent out on individual invoices.

EFTPOS facility s are available at our office and our Cho!ce Crew have EFTPOS available on the road. Balance of payment is due on-site before set up – you may pay this by Eftpos or cash . If paying by cash the exact amount will be required as our drivers do not carry change.

11. What are the lengths of party equipment hire options?
You can choose between half day hire (4 hours) or full day hire. We have a cut off of 6pm for all hire collections. If you wish to hire after 6pm then depending on the type of hire it will more than likely be an overnight hire with collection the next morning. Some hires such as the mechanical bull come with an operator and work differently in that you usually hire between 2 – 4 hours. This can be at any time of the day or evening to work in with your event. If it is after 6pm the cost will vary slightly. Please call us to find out what options are available for the activity you would like.


12. What if I book an entertainment product for my event and then have to cancel?
Once your deposit is paid you need to give us 48 hours or more notice of your intention to cancel. If this is done your deposit is fully refundable unless we have had to incur a cost in relation to your booking, such as booking accommodation with a non-refundable bond, as you will need to cover this cost. If you provide less than this the deposit becomes the cancellation fee unless you would like to transfer your booking to another day within 3 months, we can then transfer your deposit over to this booking and the balance will be due on set up.


All cancellations must be made by either contacting our office during weekday hours (not weekends) or by contacting our after hours mobile number. It is advisable to contact the after hours no. if calling less than 24 hours prior to your delivery time. If we arrive at your event venue and you then decide to cancel the full amount of the hire will be payable.

13. What happens if it rains on the day of my party or other event?

If we don’t hear from you we will deliver your party hire unit. Some units such as the mechanical bull and mechanical surfboard are unable to operate in wet weather so a wet weather alternative would need to be provided or your hire would have be postponed or cancelled.

Some of our bouncers have shower covers which can be attached. These are good if only light showers. If it is very heavy rain the water will pool and seep into the castle. If you want a shower cover this must be requested at the time of your booking.

14. How many children can fit on the inflatable party product at once?

On the small castles – 4 x 4 metres up to 7 children at once up to 8 years of age, on the medium castles – 5 x 5 metres – up to 10 children per time up to 12 years of age and on the large castle –6 x 6 metres – 12 – 15 per time and will hold teenagers and adults. These are a guideline only and will vary depending on age, weight etc – you can tell by looking at the castle if too many are on it. If in doubt please check at time of booking which castle will be most suitable for your event.

15. What happens if we damage the inflatable party product?

When you hire a unit you will be asked to sign the terms and conditions stating that you have read and understood them. This then makes you accountable for any damage that may occur during your hire. If the units are looked after and the rules followed then nothing should happen as damage usually only occurs when the units are not looked after or mis-used. If damage does occur and is considered to be the fault of the hirer then you will be liable for all associated costs in relation to the repair/replacment of the unit. If adults use a bouncer designed for children and damage occurs then the above will also apply.

16. What else should I be aware of when hiring party equipment?

Please make sure the following are kept away from the inflatables at all times:

  • crazy foam (silly string)

  • party poppers

  • streamers

  • face paint

These can stain the inflatables party products and are near impossible to remove once they have come into contact with the unit. If a unit is returned with any of the above on it and requires cleaning a charge will apply. Units should be returned in a clean condition as when they were delivered.

Feel free to call or email us with any further enquiries or concerns. We are always happy to help!