Rules & Safety

We Have Rules Because We Care!

Jeep Safety

Road Rules

Before we let you get behind the wheel of your mini jeep, we have some ground rules to ensure everyone stays safe while having fun.

  • No crashing or bumping into other jeeps, surroundings or people
  • Do not exit jeeps until told by the Choice Crew
  • Drive in enclosed or specified marked areas only
  • Long hair and loos clothing should be suitably confined
  • Drivers are to obey all instructions given by the Choice Crew
  • Change drivers only at the starting line
  • Drive in an anti-clockwise direction
  • Max load = 1 Adult and 1 Child only per Jeep at one time
  • Remain seated within the jeep at all times
  • Kids must always wear a seat belt unless accompanied by an adult
  • Always walk around rear of jeep
  • Each ride must last no more than 5 minutes per driver

Drivers ride at their own (and/or parents/guardians) discretion and risk.  Cho!ce Rides and Inflatables Ltd do not take responsibilty for any injuries or accidents that may occur if the above rules are not followed.

* Total Price my vary depending on Location and/or set up area.

* Delivery charges may apply.

* Terms and Conditions apply

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Terms & Conditions

Choice Rides & Inflatables Ltd.

Terms & Conditions of Hire

Care of Equipment Policy

  • Unless event is fully supervised by a Choice Operator all items remain the responsibility of the hirer until signed off.
  • All equipment will be returned complete, clean, and undamaged as received.
  • If returned wet (intentionally wet on a fine day) a drying charge will apply.
  • If returned dirty or muddy and additional cost will be charged for cleaning.
  • If returned damaged, the hirer will be responsible for additional charges for the repair cost.
  • If lost or stolen, full market value will be due by the hirer.

Deposit Policy

  • A deposit of 50% of the total is required to secure booking.
  • A deposit guarantees delivery. Balance of payment is to be received prior to set-up.

Cancellation Policy

  • A minimum of $50 +GST cancellation fee (per item) is applicable if less than 48 hours notice is given. Additional cancellation fees may apply depending on unit hired and/or location.
  • If cancelling more than 48 hours before event your deposit will be refunded in full providing we have not incurred any expenses associated with your booking event – i.e. booking accommodation for which a deposit is paid and not refundable; missed bookings, etc. In this case, there may be fee deducted before your deposit is refunded.
  • If Choice arrives at your venue and you cancel the full amount of the invoice will be payable.
  • Safety is a high priority for Choice Rides and Inflatables. We reserve the right to cancel any hire/booking that, in the opinion of any Choice Operator, is deemed a danger or jeopardy to safety in any way.

Payment Policy

  • It is company policy to collect the balance of the payment prior to set up.
  • We accept credit, debit, EFTPOS, cash, or Internet Banking.
  • Outstanding amounts will incur a 10% penalty of the total value owing for each week they remain unpaid.
  • We use the services of a debt collection agency. In addition to the 10% penalty, all debtcollection costs and associated legal expenses will be at the cost of the hirer.
  • GST is added to total amount of the quote/invoice.

Weather Policy

  • In the event of bad weather, you have the option of transferring your hire to another date within 3 months. Your deposit will be carried over to this hire and the balance will be due upon set up. If you decide to cancel and not transfer, the deposit paid will be forfeited as the cancellation fee for the cancelled booking.
  • Choice Rides and Inflatables reserves the right to cancel bookings concerning the following conditions: heavy rain, muddy conditions, high winds, and snow. If you decide you would like us to come and set up and we are unable due to bad weather conditions, you will forfeit your deposit.

Additional Conditions

  • If hiring more than one trailer unit, an additional trailer unit deliver charge may apply.
  • Specific items are required to be supervised by a Choice Operator only – please check this when booking.
  • Other travel expenses may occur depending on location and accessibility.
  • Please allow one hour of set up and one hour break down unless otherwise noted.
  • If hiring food machines with ingredients, customer is to provide containers to store any leftover ingredients else the leftover ingredients will be discarded at the discretion of Choice Rides and Inflatables, Ltd.
  • If hiring after 6pm an after hours fee of $50 applies to all supervised activities and items that require breakdown by a Choice Operator.
  • If hiring activities after 7pm then hire is overnight hire (unless supervised event ) – cost for overnight hire is the full day rate.

Responsibilities of the hirer

  • Unless fully supervised by a Cho!ce crew member you must provide an adequate number of adult volunteers to supervise the unit(s) at all times. Failure to provide such may result in the equipment not operating until volunteers are present to supervise – this is to ensure the safety of the participants and the equipment. Hirer must sign liability waiver.
  • Power provided to the unit(s) is required within 20 metres. This means one extension cord per unit (provided by Cho!ce Rides and Inflatables), not several joined end to end as this will reduce the power to the unit and it will not inflate to its full potential. Generators are available at an additional cost (subject to availability), if you are unsure whether you will have power access available within this distance.
  • Provide full and easily accessible entry to the set up site with no obstruction. Our delivery staff are not responsible for lifting equipment over fences, gates etc as items are extremely heavy and this is a occupational health and safety concern.
  • Provide a flat set up site – if this is not available you must advise at time of booking to determine whether set up will be possible.Failure to provide the above may result in a cancelled hire and it is your responsibility as the hirer to ensure that these conditions have been met. If you are unsure and need your site to be checked by one of our Choice Crew members this can be arranged (subject to availability and notice) for an additional charge – this would be payable at the time of the site inspection.

As the hirer ensuring you accept responsibility for the use of the equipment:

  • No child plays near the blower (fan).
  • No shoes are worn on the inflatables.
  • No child plays near the blower (fan).
  • No shoes are worn on the inflatables.
  • No sharp objects are permitted on or near the inflatables.
  • No food or drink (liquids) permitted on the inflatables.
  • The equipment is operated and under strict supervision of a responsible adult.
  • No pets allowed on the inflatables.
  • The blower is not to be left unattended in the rain, or operated in high wind conditions.
  • No face paint or Crazy foam (silly string) is to be used near or on the castles. Please be aware of face paint as it stains the inflatables and is unable to be removed once dry. If you have face paint at your event, you must ensure none is on the inflatable when collected.
  • The inflatable is not to be purposely wet – if you have allowed this to happen during your hire, the inflatable must be dry at the time of collection.


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